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M.Tech Programme

M.Tech in Chemical Technology

Master of Engineering or Master of Technology or Master of Science in Engineering Degree is a Postgraduate Programme in Engineering or Technology. This is generally a 2-year specialization programme in a specific branch of engineering or a technical field. Students typically enter the ME/MTech/MSc Engg programmes after completing a 4-year undergraduate programme in Engineering resulting in the award of a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology Degree, or a 5-year programme in Science or Applied Sciences resulting in the award of a Master of Science Degree.

The ME/MTech/MSc Engg programmes in India are usually structured as an Engineering Research Degree, lesser than Ph.D and considered to be parallel to M.Phil and M.S Degrees in Humanities and Science respectively. MTech and MSc Engg programmes in India were started by some well known institutions with the aim of producing Research Engineers who can get the position of “Technologist” as well in the Industries and Research Institutes.

The M.Tech. (Research) candidate’s status may be classified as either M.Tech. (Research) candidates paid by the Government / Semi Government Organisations or Sponsored candidates or Faculty, Staff and Project Specialists of any organization including university, institution, public and private sector undertakings or External candidates from any private or public sector organization or research laboratory. External candidates are allowed to carry out their research work at their respective places of work at their parent organization after fulfilling certain pre-requisites at the university and are required to produce a relevant sponsorship or No Objection Certificate for the Employer.

Programme General information for Admission in M.Tech Programme
Course Duration Minimum 2 years
Categories of Scholars/ Admissions Full-time/Part-time
Eligibility Criteria B.E. / B.Sc. (Engineering) / B.Tech. / Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) in the relevant branches of science / applied science.
M.Tech Fee (Rs)
-- M.Tech Course Fee Rs. ----/- (Can be paid in installments).
Sub. Code Subject Title Max Marks Max Credits
Semester - I
CM1001 Advanced Numerical Methods 100 6
CM1002 Advanced Thermodynamics 100 6
CM1003 Advanced Reaction Engineering 100 6
CM1004 Petrochemicals Engineering 100 6
  Elective-I 100 6
CMP001 Petro Products Testing Lab 100 3
Semester - II
CM2001 Advanced Separation Process 100 6
CM2002 Solvent Extraction 100 6
CM2003 Advanced Transport Concepts 100 6
  Elective-II 100 6
  Elective-III 100 6
CMP002 Instrumental Methods of Analysis Lab 100 3
Semester - III
CM3001 Advanced Process Control 100 6
CM3002 Process Modelling and Simulation 100 6
CM3003 Chemical Process Design 100 6
  Elective-IV 100 6
  Elective-V 100 6
CMP003 Project Phase-I 100 3
Semester - IV
CM4001 Catalyst Design and Application 100 6
  Elective-VI 100 6
CMP004 Project Phase-II 400 12
Grand Marks & Credits 2400 123
List of Electives
CME001 Petroleum Refinery Engineering
CME002 Environmental Engineering
CME003 Energy Management
CME004 Natural Gas Engineering
CME005 Multiphase Flow
CME006 Risk Analysis and Management
CME007 Computational Fluid Dynamics
CME008 Project Engineering and Process Plant
CME009 Fluidization Engineering
CME010 Total Quality Management
CME011 Safety and Hazard Control
CME012 Polymer Technology

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