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Your home, office or other place is not your college or study place, but it can certainly be your classroom.Education Online education took a big leap with the help of world’s best teachers and visualizers to take great lessons beyond the classroom to anyone with internet access. In other words, if you are a great teacher, you can take your best lessons or tutorials beyond your classroom and be viewed by millions of students.
The new wave in media usage is being boosted by smartphones, tablets and PCs, which is gradually seen impacting the way content is being created and distributed as well. With a competent option, online media has every possibility of becoming a great option for education and training. What is at stake here is the character of the e-learning.
20th century, the age of information technology, online education is becoming a principle of delivering teaching to individuals outside the classroom, as well as around the globe. Teaching can be using Compact Disc, Digital textbooks, websites, or via real-time online facilities such as webcasts, webinars and virtual classrooms. However, different methods of online education each have their own advantages.
Digital textbooks are any books that can be downloaded to an e-reader or computer or those that can be read online using a Web browser. Technology which makes you more eager to learn from anywhere at any time without using your important time. Easy to use with pen drive, download content or e-books at your hard drive and use with your possible option.

Rapid Online Learning Growth
How are the dynamics of the market changing? Is there any new trend that you see?

With India’s economic growth fuelling the last decade, the country’s education needs have gone up tremendously. Digitisation is the way forward for supporting online teaching and online learning.

Benefits of Online Education
Online education system serving students that no on else can accommodate. This may include athletes who travel, students who have been bullied and no longer feel comfortable in a traditional classroom. Current times need access to different types of classes to learn diverse skills for their future jobs.

At this time, there are a numbers of online universities, colleges and online courses that cater the best education to the needs of working people and homebound individuals. Helping students to succeed in their educational and career aspirations, online education are convenient and credible for student.

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Explore the world of open educational resources!
Dear students, you all have taken a step ahead in your educational life by enrolling for an online programme! You are privileged to have access to computers, internet, education and so on…but there are some who are deprived of the right to education.
The onset of Open educational resources (OER) is a hope to erase the inequality in education. OER is a pool of resources of teaching and learning materials that you may freely use and reuse, without charge.
OER is a relatively new movement in education; educators and learners as well as learning institutions are driving its development. OER provides an alternative to the rising costs of education. For example, in some countries like South Africa, some educators and learners are tapping into OER as the only source for textbooks. OER provides an opportunity to try new ways of teaching and learning, many of which are more collaborative and participatory.
IndiaEduTech also takes a step in providing a window to program relevant open educational resources to its students.
The open education resources library is available at IndiaEduTech Free Library
Anybody who visits the site can use these resources without any charges. Just Search the catalog for the required resources, a mix of books, articles and videos!!
Distance University : How to Work and Study at the Same Time?
Distance learning students enjoy a lot of benefits with distance university courses. Students get their education without attending classes, and at the same time they are able to manage their jobs. A lot of programs and specializations are offered through distance university. This is a very prominent distance learning benefit that attracts many students to choose this mode of distance university. Distance learning students enjoy the advantage of flexibility. Students are able to study at their own pace without adhering to class time tables.
Although there are a lot of benefits with Distance University, distance learning requires a lot of discipline and motivation from students. When a student is managing both job and studies, it is likely that the student may lose there track of priorities and fail to keep up to mark.A lot of programs and specializations are offered through online bachelor-degree programs. Detailed information is available on the internet in case a person is interested in any of the programs. What are the ways a distance university student can overcome these challenges?
Here are a few tips to manage these issues:
*Time management is essential. Plan to utilize available time in the best possible way with flexibility. Set up a daily or weekly plan and ensure that it is strictly followed. Divide time appropriately and efficiently between studies, work and family.
*Motivation is equally important for successful distance university completion. One best way to do this is to stay in touch with classmates. It is very easy to stay in touch through digital media. Discuss projects, assignments, lectures with classmates.
*Keeping a track of the goals and plans is important. Set the milestones to be achieved in order to complete the course. Satisfaction of knowing one’s own progress is a motivating force to tackle the next issue.
*Arrange a suitable study area for maximum concentration. Ensure that the environment is conducive for studying.
*Although there are many advantages of the distance university courses, its effectiveness depends on the individual.
Identifying own needs is a good way to choose a program or specialisation. Ensure that the degree awarding institute is accredited by the education authority.
A lot of programs and specialisations are offered through online bachelor-degree programs. Detailed information is available on the internet in case a person is interested in any of the programs. Digital applications are becoming easier to use while offering online learning. There are no limits to what one can learn from lap top, mobile phone applications. Online learning can be used to learn facts about business, culture, social issues, education, entertainment and more. Therefore the concept of Distance University has developed at a fast rate and is becoming popular with all age groups.
Mobile phone applications are becoming easier to use while offering complex learning. There are no limits to what one can learn from cell phone applications. Cell phones can be used to learn facts about business, culture, social issues, education, entertainment and more. Modern cell phones offer larger displays, support graphics and visual applications which are more suitable for mobile learning. Therefore the concept of “mobile learning” has developed at a fast rate and is becoming popular with all age groups.
Traditional learning Vs. Mobile learning
Reading and learning something from a small cell phone is a different experience than reading a physical book or browsing through an online learning application. Most people prefer the traditional way of learning but mobile learning has the advantage of accompanying you everywhere.
On the other hand, for reasons like limited battery life, mobile learning is not a process that occupies continuous hours. Assimilating information from an application installed on your cell phone is a process consisting of several short bursts of information intake, rather than a continuous study.
Mobile learning benefits and weak points
Mobile learning presents users with a series of benefits that can’t be ignored even though limited by screen size, the cell phone keypad and shorter battery life.
Mobile learning applications are perfect for situations where, mobility is essential in the fast paced world.
The learning process is engaging and allows for easier information assimilation, since user interactivity levels are very high
Learning has reached a new level of interaction and accessibility due to mobile learning applications.

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